Iplay is a mobile app created by sports lovers for sports lovers. The idea came to life when former handball professional, Per Malmqvist, identified the need for having a social media app that focused solely on the sports community. He was looking for something that would give professional and semi-professional athletes a unique way of communicating with their fan base while also, providing a way for athletes to manage their own careers.


iOS, Android


The main challenge in this project was to create a fully functioning MVP in time for the 2016 European Handball Championships in Poland. We had a limited timeframe of only three months and had to create something beautiful and functional that fans would use during the tournament. The main objective was to narrow down the scope while at the same time, deliver an app that would have that WOW-sensation when installed on your smartphone.


The MVP of Iplay was released and available for download a couple of days before the start of the tournament. The product’s success is proven by the fact that over 35 of the best handball players from 12 countries are currently using the app to communicate with their fans, including ones from the best club in the world, FC Barcelona. From a business perspective the app has taken off very well, and we have now received a second assignment, which is to create an Android version as well!


  • Branding
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Management

New Brand Creation

Before building the app, we started working on the whole branding process behind Iplay. Our designers decided to use green as the main color, representing energy, motion and something that is fresh. Inspired by sports and dynamics, we also created the current Iplay logo.


Thanks to utilizing SCRUM methodology, we managed to meet the customer’s needs despite their huge expectations and rigid deadline. We also proved to react appropriately to the client's business needs changing because we truncated the scope of the MVP during backlog refinement meetings.




User Interface Design

The first version of Iplay was released for iOS, so the User Interface Design was created with this platform in mind. After the app first gained traction in the AppStore, many potential users demanded an Android version, which is why we have already started building for that platform. For the design, we used Pure Material Design and followed all of Google’s standards.

Key Functions

The main thought was to make the experience with Iplay as easy, intuitive and smooth as possible: both for the regular users and super users. Below is a selection of screens that show how key functions in the app are constructed.


This feature automatically fills the feed of a newly registered user with updates from the top trending players.


Presents a stream of the latest updates from the players that the user is following.


This view presents what the player profile of a Super User looks like. This example displays the Swedish handball player, Tobias Karlsson.


In 10Clouds we found our perfect partner and we were able to release the first version of Iplay very quickly. The response we got from our users was amazing.

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