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Company Products 2017.02.01

Farewell, timeION. A story of an internally developed product.

Maciej Cielecki 10Clouds CEO 6 min read

The following is a story of timeION, our product that we were developing internally within our software development agency. We share it so you can read and learn from our mistakes.

Design Products 2017.01.20

Two things a product team can’t survive without

Jacek Suwalski UX Designer 5 min read

The very basis of IT product development is synergy. It is a cooperation between multiple teams (Development/Design/Sales/Marketing), accountable for different KPIs and goals. They can work completely separately, even when housed in the same building.…

Design Products 2016.12.21

What if I told you all product design is trapped in rectangles?

Jacek Suwalski UX Designer 8 min read

Help! Someone turned my thoughts into words and trapped them in a giant rectangle. You can only save me by reading this text! You can treat this part as a TL;DR of this blog post.…

Products 2016.11.24

Mastering online meetings. Turn a hurdle race into a well-oiled digital collaboration

Katarzyna Zakrzewska Project Manager 3 min read

In Agile software development, the effectiveness of online meetings is often a matter of life and death of a given project. But how to conduct a successful event when your team is distributed all over…

Products 2016.11.22

Agile methods don’t exist. What does, then?

Jan Ambroziewicz Project Manager 5 min read

Agile is Dead, Long Live Agility. 15 years after the birth of the Manifesto, many of us still don’t get what Dave Thomas meant, and why the heck this meaningful adjective started to work as…

Products 2016.09.12

Time and materials vs fixed price: what costs you more?

Maciej Cielecki 10Clouds CEO 5 min read

Whether you are a business owner or customer, you may be wondering about which pricing model will be most beneficial for you. Let’s have a look at the main differences between the two available models,…