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Design Products 2016.12.21

What if I told you all product design is trapped in rectangles?

Jacek Suwalski UX Designer 8 min read

Help! Someone turned my thoughts into words and trapped them in a giant rectangle. You can only save me by reading this text! You can treat this part as a TL;DR of this blog post.…

Design 2016.10.19

Creative Room: How beautiful office space unleashed our creativity

Kamila Mitka UI Designer 3 min read

The spaces we occupy shape who we are and how we behave. They have a substantial impact on our mood and creative performance. Working at the office, people spend a big part of their day…

Design 2016.10.13

Coming up: LOUDS #1. The designers’ meetup to attend!

Ula Kalinowska HR Specialist 2 min read

Something exciting in the design community is about to begin. LOUDS, the new meetup for creative minds, is coming on October 26th in Warsaw. This edition’s main theme will be Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality. All design…

Design 2016.10.11

WCF Davos Lodz Conference – review on the go

Jacek Suwalski UX Designer 3 min read

Here’s a short review of Davos, one of the most packed conferences in Poland. It has a variety of speakers that range from small startups to multi-billion dollar corporations. But, since it only has one…

Design 2016.08.23

Designing blind. When external products’ manuals suck

Jacek Suwalski UX Designer 6 min read

Over the past few years UX design stopped being a standalone process. We started to iterate with developers and research assumptions. We started pitching and selling concepts to Clients. Today, there are thousands of scattered…

Design 2016.07.13

UX designer and back-end developer. How can we benefit from working together?

Jacek Ziobroń UX Designer 5 min read

The main goal of the design process is to solve problems. It is as simple as that. However, as we go deeper into the process, things always start to get complicated and we are faced…